Personal field trip

Just wanted to share a few pictures from the National Gallery’s Dutch cabinet rooms. I happened to be downtown on other business and stopped in. The first here is a detail of Jacob Ochtervelt’s 1663 Nurse & Child in the Foyer of an Elegant Townhouse, showing the view through the rooms and including two paintings-within-the-painting. Brusati would like this one, right? What struck me was that the two paintings are both of actual or fantasy mountain landscapses–maybe Italy? In the Netherlands. And that the couple in the next room seem to be sitting for a portrait, looking right at us.

And for context, here’s the whole thing:

The second is an unnamed portrait by Anthony Van Dyke, ca. 1617/18, with detail. Something very captivating about this guy. What’s his story?img_3318.jpg



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