Wednesday June 21

By Aaron Schwartz

Some photos from today with a question:
Does your new perspective on the inside of the Rijksmuseum change your opinion of the bathtub design on the outside?

5 thoughts on “Wednesday June 21

  1. That’s an excellent question! I pretty much forgot about the exterior shape when I was inside the museum, except when I was in the bookshop, where the legs stand in the middle of the room and you have a strong sense of the shape above you hovering. I also started at some point to think about the Amsterdam school buildings and wondering whether the interiors of those relate to the exterior, or how they do? Strange windows or an obvious point of overlap where you would be thinking about the outside of the building when you’re inside, but I wonder if there are other elements that mirror or reflect inside and outside?


  2. I agree with Theo’s and Jen’s comments on the Stedelijk Museum. When reading about it and looking at in pictures it looked like and interesting modern designed building. Being there in person and actually seeing the building is very different. The building seems out of place in the area and you harder to tell it’s a bathtub from the inside. Regarding the museum’s art, I think that it could have been organized differently because certain parts of the exhibit ruin the flow of the display.
    Great pictures by the way! I really like the third one and the angle it was shot at.


  3. These are amazing. I especially love photo no. 6. I think that seeing the Stedelijk made me realize that as much as it is a grand and modern venture, it is also a planar exercise. The edges and lines of it remind me of the planar examples we saw in the de stijl exhibit.

    I agree with Jen that the outside of the building is not the most aesthetically pleasing. However, the inside is quite nice, and it is clean and the space is laid out well for the most part. I don’t care for the old facade in the new building, but I can see why it was done that way.


  4. Hi Aaron! Great pictures! Standing next to the bathtub extension of the Sedelijk Museum did not change my opinion on it. Personally, I find it too obnoxious and an eye sore. While I understand the want for a modern, grand building to break tradition and showcase modern Dutch art and architecture, I feel the bathtub has exceeded that and gone too far. Possibly a different shape of building would lessen my distaste for it.
    However, on the inside I feel quite different. I enjoy the light, glassed space and it added a more modern feel to the entire museum; getting the viewer ready to experience the modern art inside. Inside, I enjoyed the mix of the old, traditional facade with the new building. It highlighted the architecture and brickwork of the old building, almost showcasing it like a part of the collection.


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