The Art of the Rijksmuseum

Thinking all the way back to week one and the articles we read by Celeste Brusati and Harry Burger, how can we apply our original thoughts on different ways of viewing now that we have see The Night’s Watch in person? There was a reproduction of the original Night’s Watch to the left of the painting that showed what it would have looked like before parts of it was cut away. Does knowing that what we see today is not exactly what the artist intended for us to see effect your understanding of this work? What about the works in the museum, how have your thoughts on viewing changed given what we have seen thus far on our trip?


One thought on “The Art of the Rijksmuseum

  1. Oh, I completely missed that reproduction! I was thinking a lot about original context though, especially after Jackie’s discussion of the altar piece. I was trying to imagine where these things would hang and have their audiences would be in each case. The thing that struck me most in person was of course it’s massive scale. But secondly, as Marc and I stood around and talked about it for about 20 minutes, we both started thinking about how creative Rembrandt was within the normal constraints of this genre. How he was taking liberties with it. And I think he did that with a lot of his work. His hand was so much more free it seems than, say, Frank Hals or a lot of the other portraitists.


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