The Van Gogh Museum


The Van Gogh was an interesting museum. Van Gogh himself was a distinct painter like no other. Unlike numerous other artists, he didn’t start off as a painter and later chose that art was his calling. Van Gogh is a unique painter that used accentuated brush strokes and a wide blend of colors to create beautiful paintings. The Van Gogh museum shows a variety of Van Gogh’s art such as his self-portraits and his still lifes. There are also letters he had sent to his family and friends and his sketches before he painted. This shows that the Van Gogh Museum is not just about his art but also about celebrating his life. One interesting thing I noticed about the museum is how the art changed from each time period and the layout of the museum. The museum is split into his different styles of paintings. HIs paintings are unique because of the use of brush strokes to create a distinct image that seems 3D in a way. At the Museum there are microscopic views of his painting that show just how he used many brushstrokes to create a 3D image. While his famous works like “Sunflowers” were on display his unknown works were more interesting because they show his evolution as a painter. Unfortunately, they don’t allow pictures to be taken, So I don’t have any images I took to document my experience. so the images below are just a few of the paintings on display found online.






5 thoughts on “The Van Gogh Museum

  1. Now that you point this out, I too am having a hard time thinking of another museum dedicated to a single artist in this way. Maybe in part that’s because he was so amazingly prolific? And/or that the collection remained intact w/ the family (Theo and his widow and son) and therefore could be relatively easily collected in one place? Maybe that, too, speaks to why the relationship to Theo is emphasized here.

    I also appreciate the lively conversations we had inside–especially around the ways we might read his works formalistically and whether or not we might find the same things vs. reading them in full knowledge of his biography, etc.


  2. I agree that the Van Gogh museum celebrates the life of the artist Vincent Van Gogh and his art. I think it was very nice to have a well rounded view of who he was, where he came from, and how it effect his art. I knew a lot about his biography before going to the museum; but I think that even if you walked into the museum know nothing about Van Gogh’s life you would walk out knowing quite a bit. I thought it was nice how in some instances Van Gogh’s work was shown next to the work of another artist that inspired that specific piece, or another’s artist work that was inspired by Van Gogh’s. I also agree with Jen, do you think that the focus on Van Gogh’s relationship with his brother Theo affected your understanding of him/his work? Do you think that if you knew more about the other relationships in his life, especially with other artists (which was touche don but not elaborated) that you would view Van Gogh’s work differently.


  3. I agree that we see a change and formation of style over time in Van Goghs works. Why do we think that is. The museum seems to focus on his relationship with his brother,Theo, and his illness but what else could have helped form his style? Was it solely his mental illness and want for emotional expression? Or could his artist friends, such as Gauguin, play an important role. In his style changes, we see Van Gogh goes from distinctly everyday Dutch scenes such as “the Potato Eaters” and the weavers we read about to post impressionist work in France. With his shift in style, does Van Gogh shift in nationalism/Dutch identity? Could leaving the Netherlands and moving to France have caused this artistic change?


  4. I agree with your assertion that the museum celebrates the life of the artist. I can’t think of any other museum that is dedicated to any single artist. Even some of the other most well known artists are not dedicated with any central location. I wonder if this method is better, where one artist is put into the spotlight instead of the art itself. For instance, it’s difficult to find a similar model museum for Da Vinci. I know next to nothing about his life, but I know all about his art. On the other hand, because of the Van Gogh museum, I have more of a holistic view of Van Gogh.


  5. I agree — what is great about this museum is that it isn’t just about the art. The museum itself is a celebration of Van Gogh’s life and impact on the Dutch and their identity.

    The museum is valuable because it shows Van Gogh’s impressionism, his realism, and his more pointillist-looking paintings in addition to his signature impasto works like Sunflowers. The variation of style demonstrates his ability, and also shows that he was able to accomplish a lot in a short span of 10 years as a painter.

    What I’m wondering is do you agree with how it was curated? Could there be more biographical pieces in the museum? Could the art be arranged in a different way? How could this museum be improved for the future?


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