A look at our day on June 29th

We did a lot yesterday. We were able to learn about prostitution and its evolution in Amsterdam over time. We also made a visit to the Tropenmuseum to have a discussion with both of the curators of the museum. We heard how they came to designing and creating experiences for people of all ages. Finally, we got to talk to Taco Carlier about Van Moof and the designs of his bicycles. It was very interesting to hear how he is shaking up the bicycle industry.

The children’s portion of the Tropen interests me. What is your critique of their methods? How do you compare it to the children’s museums that you’ve been to over time? What would you differently? Do you agree with the narrative they have created? Taking objects from a foreign place to show how others lived?

What did you all think about the Van Moof mindset of creating the ultimate city bike? Did you agree with Taco’s philosophy?Lichthal

Image: https://tropenmuseum.nl/en/exhibitions


One thought on “A look at our day on June 29th

  1. I thought the prostitution tour was really interesting and I didn’t realize how much goes into the sex industry in Amsterdam. Also, the second visit to the Tropenmusem was fascinating. The body paint exhibit is weird but cool to look at and see why people modify their body. The children exhibition of the museum was the best part of the museum in my opinion. how they arranged everything and different parts of the exhibition was interesting and you can really get a fell of how Morroco is.


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