June 30: The End

By Aaron Schwartz

It is the last night of the trip, and while the last two weeks have flown by, the amount of learning and experiences I have gained from these two weeks have been incredible. While I wish I could stay longer, I am also eager to go back to my home as well as D.C. and spread some of what I learned here. From the bike rides to the canal tours, I have had an unique opportunity to tour a city through its infrastructure. While in Amsterdam, I have ridden in a car, a bike, a train, a subway, a ferry, a tram, as well as walking. We have traversed the city time and time again through multiple modes of transportation. I believe that this has allowed me to gain a greater understanding of the city as a whole, as one of the main things that defines a city is its infrastructure and design. I have traveled to Europe as well as other parts of the globe, but to me the city of Amsterdam through this class has allowed me to appreciate design in ways that before I only took for granted. I hope that visiting other cities in the future I will be able to look at other cities through the same inquisitive lens that I have developed over the past six weeks.  I did not expect to learn or experience this much on this trip. It was not until learning and reading through the materials did I realize what Amsterdam really had to offer in terms of its unique design. Had I not prepared the way I did for this class by doing the readings and writing the blog posts, I could just have easily come to Amsterdam and missed all of the lessons I learned.

And now a plug: Here’s some random photos from the trip:

Photo Credit: instagram.com/aschwaphoto (me!)



2 thoughts on “June 30: The End

  1. Great insight!! Its true, I thought my education for the class was finished when we got to Amsterdam and we would just go and enjoy museums, reiterating what had already learned. Amazing pictures!


  2. great photos!
    do you ever think that you see and experience a city differently than “normal” tourists because of your photography background?


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