West Indies Ship


The house boats we saw on our first day here were not at all what I expected (although the one’s I had read about are brand new). They were much smaller and far more modest, especially considering the price. The museum we saw today, however, is a fascinating and extravagant way to present history. It must have been extremely expensive to construct and to maintain. I plan on going inside at some point during our visit. I think this provides a sense of authenticity and contributes to the power of exhibition. We’ve read about how museum curators subtly design exhibits to elicit certain responses and this is an overt example. Honestly, I’d have no interest in visiting this museum if it was not a ship itself. I was watching an episode of Comedians in Cars getting coffee the day before I left for Amsterdam and Jerry and his guest went to eat food at the food museum in New York. I thought about what we’ve read in this course when watching that episode and, the irony and joking aside, it seems that the designers were trying to include your palate in the experience of learning about food. The eating was literally an exhibit at the museum. This museum includes an element of that ironic experiential learning… the only thing that would make it cooler is if you could actually sail around in the boat while learning about boats.


One thought on “West Indies Ship

  1. Aidan, please update us if and when you go! Would be interesting to see whether they mentioned that they original ship that this is a replica of, and/or other ships like it were used in the Dutch slave trade. They’ll be talking about the same timeframe roughly that we heard about in the black heritage Amsterdam Tours. Would love to hear about the contrast you get from each tour/museum.


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