Walking on the Outskirts of Amsterdam with Joppe

I also have really enjoyed the tours with Joppe. We have done three walking tours of different parts of the city with Joppe. He took us on the first tour on the same day that we arrived in Amsterdam for a nice walk starting at the city center heading northwest to where we finished at the Anne Frank House. During this tour, we looked at the many short brides that cross the water surrounding the city center of Amsterdam. We also looked at many of the details of the buildings that echo 20th Century architecture. This style makes up most of the city’s architecture. 

On our second tour with Joppe we covered lots of ground and examined the neighborhoods on the west side of Amsterdam. This was a unique tour like all of our tours with Joppe, because we were looking at a poorer part of Amsterdam that is not visited by tourists where lower class locals inhabit Amsterdam. We examined sets of apartment buildings that make up this area. Once again, we came across early 20th Century architecture and the endless supply of brick that Amsterdam had. Almost every building that we have looked at and almost every building that I have seen in Amsterdam was brick. Moreover, most of the sidewalks in Amsterdam are made of brick. I enjoyed this tour and looking at outskirts of Amsterdam that are unseen by tourist and untouched by the local tourists.


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