The View of the Rijksmuseum through Dutch Colonialism and Slavery

I had a great time at the Rijksmuseum. I really enjoyed doing a different tour of it. Since we had studied online before and I was able afterwards to walk around and view what I wanted, I really enjoyed doing a tour of Dutch colonialism and slavery depictions in paintings, artifacts, and other works of art in the Rijksmuseum. It was great to look at the works alone with a background of reading and writing about it. I loved how we finished our tour that took us through the Rijksmuseum only looking at works that involved Dutch colonialism and slavery. We discussed how they were depicted in these paintings. It was interesting to look at the contrast of how they were depicted up against the affluent Dutch people of the same time period. The final work we looked at is currently right next to Rembrandt’s Night Watch. In the painting there is an Dutch colonial slave in it. It is clear that his clothing is unfinished. When looking at the level of detail on the others clothing in the painting it is obvious. It also makes me wonder if the artist did it purposefully, or if we did not have enough time to finish? Did the artist die before he finished?


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