Traveling New Ways at Home Now

I have taken all modes of transportation during my time here in Amsterdam. I have walked around the city. I flew into the city from Prague. I have utilized the tram, the buses, the metro, boat cruises (two different kinds), and a ferry with Professor Troutman getting to and from museums and other excursions/tours during our trip. I have also, primarily, walked and tramed around the city myself to meet the group at our various meeting spots, during the day and at the beginning of the day. During this trip, I have really learned how to utilize all public modes of transportation in Amsterdam which is a major city. When I get back to Washington, D.C. for my sophomore year I will utilize my experience and knowledge that acquired in Amsterdam about modes of public transportation in a major city. Yes, the system may be a little different from Amsterdam and D.C., but I guarantee I am more prepared now than ever to really learn and utilize the public transportation D.C.. I also believe that I will try and bike more this upcoming year in D.C.. I did a lot of biking on this trip to get around and loved it. It is a great way to look at a city. I hope to do that this year in D.C. also. I had a great trip, and there are many things that I sure I will take back with me. A way of getting around a busy major city using public modes of transportation is certainly one.


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