What the Duck!?

What is up with rubber ducks?

On our second day here, I noticed a rubber duck store while on a walking tour with Joppe. At first, I thought that this was a unique thing, a store dedicated to cute little rubber ducks. I was very wrong.

Over the next few days, we visited the rubber duck store and Cheney, Joe, and I all bought rubber ducks. Each one was designed a different way to look like a character, celebrity, or iconic symbol. I thought that this was the only rubber duck store I would encounter, until we passed souvenir shops with displays of these same rubber ducks.

So, I guessed it was just a touristy thing, until I saw these ducks in museums such as the Van Gogh Museum where they sold a rubber duck to look like Van Gogh. Then I began seeing ducks everywhere, and they weren’t only rubber ducks either. In Centraal Station they sell china ducks with a blue and white pattern. Another store was in Harlaam by the beach with ducks that looked like Donald Trump. It was the third store I saw dedicated to only ducks.

Why are there so many stores that sell rubber ducks? What do ducks have to do with the Netherlands? Is it just a quirky souvenir, or does it have some significance?


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