Joods Kindermonument

During this trip we have examined memorials, monuments, and museums – looking at their place in the city and the effectiveness of their intended structure. For example, in our trip to Rotterdam we sought out Loods 24, a former transit warehouse used during WWII by the Germans to round up Jewish children before deporting them to concentration camps. Located along the water stands part of a brick wall that signifies where the Jewish children were held before deportation. From the street view there is very little indication of what this wall stands for. However, behind the wall, along the side of the water, a metal semicircle exists (about waist level) that includes the names of all 686 Jewish children deported from Rotterdam and sentenced to the concentration camps. This memorial for Jewish Children, or Joods Kindermonument, has recently been attended to. There are fresh flowers placed along the wall and additional names of children are hand written on cards and placed on the memorial. The site, consisting of part of a brick wall – clearly out of place next to the water — reminds viewers such as myself of what once existed. Although the building no longer exists, the wall serves as a gentle reminder of the horrors that once took place. The children’s names and ages instill a more personal a somber message. Although we came across the memorial in what seems like an accident (we were searching for it but there were no clear signs until we stumbled across it), the Joods Kindermonument shows how traces of WWII and the horrors can be found throughout Rotterdam – you just have to look for them.   


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