A pool of diversity

Walking down to the national monuments on a sunny Tuesday I come to notice the exuberant amount of people who now frequent these national treasures. A newly founded appreciation for parks and open air attractions can be attributed to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As I walk down the reflection pool in particular I correlate Washington DC‘s abundance in demographic diversity. Almost every other person I encountered walking down the pool Spoke with either a different dialect, language , And/or accent. At first it took an elderly French lady for me to notice, then a tall german fellow with a heavy German tone, and on and on.

Reflecting back to Nescio’s “little titans” in a direct manner I get blinded by the sun which reflect directly into my face as I walk down the pool. I continue to listen to an audio recording of the text, feeling almost as if i have transcended beyond the words and into a new reality. I then begin to notice the outside world. I appreciated this sense of community, all of us coming together with the proper precautions in our nation’s capital, a nation built on the bedrock of diversity. Along that pool was the true meaning community, while also taking everybody’s health into consideration.


3 thoughts on “A pool of diversity

  1. I really found it thought provoking how you paralleled the pool with the community. This piece struck me with the sense that Nescio was pushing against urbanized society while embracing nature. While the reflecting pool isn’t natural, it represents a simple place which people gather at, and enjoy being outside with nature. In that way it does represent the community. Especially in an age where people are so quick to jump to materialism, a body of water which people visit regardless of the factors in life that make us different (race, social economic status, etc) is what I believe Nescio was trying to explain in his piece. Nature puts away many of society’s less appealing sides, and offers a peaceful experience


  2. Your emphasis on diversity and community here is excellent. Especially during these challenging times, a strong sense of unity is absolutely necessary. You made a similar comparison to Nescio as I did, referencing the strong reflection of the sun and the alternate realm you were transported to. Though Nescio was referencing the reflection seen on the ocean, you related your own similar experience to his, bridging the author’s experience and your own despite the differences in setting. I appreciated your analytical view of the people around you, it helped paint a vivid picture of your experience in Washington.


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