Brief Reflection – Zhao

In the middle of a city, sounds of frogs and horses from Nescio’s youth is replaced by the sound of people and cars on the street. We become the producer of those sounds and sometimes enjoy them. When the sound of the city gets louder, the small pleasure fades away and the sounds become unbearable noises. Unlike Nescio’s and his friends’ desire to always keep the sound, I sometimes want the sounds to quiet down.

Dusk and dawn occurred every day, producing the beautifully colored sky in DC. Nescio first perceived the natural phenomenon as monotonous as his thoughts and his unknown longing but then realized that these measureless events are always changing. The realization made by Nescio echos with my thoughts. Every day, the light of dusk produces a slightly different landscape in the city. The buildings are shaded into different colors while various shadows are created, which is similar as the changes in my longings. My longings always change with new encounters and faded away at certain points. They are never monotonous.


One thought on “Brief Reflection – Zhao

  1. I wonder if the everchanging shadows and longing that you find are never monotonous in your life create a sense of stability. For Nescio, there was something beautiful in the monotony of the sun always rising and setting, and with it the fact that there are always changes, like the shadows you mention. Does DC call you back the way Amsterdam does Nescio? In other words, is it possible to find the beauty of the sunrise and sunset paired with the shadows on the buildings in another location, or will it always be something about the way DC breathes and exists that will draw you back?

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