Reflection – Kyle

(My artwork is not the best so I’ve included a reference photo)

While Nescio’s story was set in and around Amsterdam, with its bustling crowds and urban infrastructure, I walked through my local park, which was populated only by trees and plants. Having spent most the past several months cooped up in my own house, the emptiness was as liberating as it was disquieting. A fixture of Nescio’s story was his interactions with his companions, who helped him write, draw, and dream. Compared to Amsterdam, my park, protected against being torn down, feels as disconnected from its community as I do. Unlike Nescio, my context demands that I dream on my own but, like Nescio I must hold on to those dreams as best I can before the wisdom of age nullifies youth’s hope.


2 thoughts on “Reflection – Kyle

  1. The jabby directness of your drawing is striking–the lines are confident, clear, and immediately say what’s there: fence. trees. something something in the foreground (doesn’t matter what; it’s something). Then I scroll and see the photo. So cool to juxtapose the two. I think the drawing is a better representation of what you saw!


  2. Kyle,

    I too struggled with the drawing, smart idea to include a picture, going to do that in the future… I particularly like your reflection on emptiness and your word choice of liberating to describe it. I think that really says a lot about your world view and how you gain opportunity from lack of confinement rather than the other way around. I also enjoyed your last line, comparing your journey to that of Nescio, it was concise and summed up the main theme of the story quite well with your writing


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