Young Titans Reflection (N.O.)

I believe that my personal experience in my landscape and Nescio’s both heavily rely on the time of day we were both outside. Nescio only had time to take his walks at night because he’s stuck inside all day at a job he hates, so when he does take a walk it’s very late at night when most people are sleeping. The atmosphere of walking along the empty streets at night with nothing to do but think can cause more melancholy thoughts. Him and his friends feel more separate from society and misunderstood and it’s highlighted by the empty hard city streets. I took a walk down the Capital Crescent trail and I felt alone in a completely different way. The trail seemed never ending and the dense canopy of trees seemed to engulf me. I was also out during the day so I focused more on the scenery and was overwhelmed by the thrumming and movement of nature. I was surrounded by a constant sense of life, unlike Nescio and his friends who felt the coldness of the city and their lives leak into them from the limestone.


3 thoughts on “Young Titans Reflection (N.O.)

  1. I love the drawing–and I especially love that it invoked for me a sense of some country cow pasture, maybe with a road in front of it, leading off over the curving slope of the hill. Then to find out its the CCT! I bike on that all the time (well, avoiding it now), and I never see it the way you have–walking vs. biking, the world is different. Thank you.


  2. It amazes me how different people can relate to a topic in two different ways. The reading personally emphasized human emotion and diversity to me, where you had more personal approach. Your writing seems deeply fueled, but want to proof read one time for the slightest grammatical errors that one might make when using this type of writing. Overall, well done, stay safe during these uncertain times.


  3. Natalie,

    Your post is great. The stillness of the night allows Nescio and his friends to detach from their daily lives, talk, think, and reflect in peace and solace. I can understand why you really enjoy your walks in nature.

    Your post reminded me of how I felt looking at the city streets once the quarantine started. City life came to a halt and the stillness was eerie. I felt separated from society as the nature of pandemics forces people to separate.

    Finally, I really enjoyed your drawing. You made me feel like I was on that trail.


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