Young Titans Reflection

Living in a place where people come for relaxation and escape, there is an overwhelming feeling of stagnancy walking through the island. You can hear the ocean anywhere you are, highlighting the silence of the people who are here to forget about the rest of the world. This place, like the author’s view of Amsterdam, is God to some people. For me, this island is a sanctuary.

I see myself through the eyes of the Young Titans describing the ocean. Nescio describes how his friends find that he can barely resist the ocean and for me, every walk on the beach ends with a sense of melancholy while dragging my feet out of the water. 

In a place that is so removed from the world, after a while the feeling of unfulfilled expectations occurs. There are moments of absolute serenity but they are tinged with a sense of hollowness. Nescio describes the monotony of longing for fulfillment in the world, and even when we remember that it exists all around us, it is all too natural to forget.

As I walk on the island I remind myself to find fulfillment in the monotony of the sun rising and setting every day. The fulfillment of life lies in the beauty of that simple occurrence. My faith comes from the faithlessness of the world. For me, my faith lies in the fact that by pure accident the sand, trees, ocean, and I exist at one moment in time. For me, that is the beauty and fulfillment of life.


2 thoughts on “Young Titans Reflection

  1. Margaret, I love the abstractness of the drawing: this bridge/ramp/boardwalk structure–where does it lead to? what was or is it connecting to (and from)? why is it here? it seems unnecessary but also a lot of trouble to build


  2. I can’t help but relate to your description of the place you live. I don’t know where it is, but I know it sounds like Hermosa Beach, my hometown. The sense of calm and contentment I felt yesterday on my walk was not atypical, but I certainly don’t always feel that way and I often feel bored and trapped. I live in “the bubble” as we call it, and much like the island you live on, my little beach town feels separate from the rest of the world. It isn’t separated by water, but it’s separated all the same. It’s beautiful, and I love the ocean and the weather, but it truly does feel stagnant and while I’m here the days seem to blend together. There’s a routine here that never changes, and that cyclical way of things gets old quick.


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