Young Titans Reflection: The Sun

“The sun was still high above the ocean” for both Nescio and I. (45) “It’s God himself who keeps repeating himself, it made again a long golden stripe in the water and shone in our faces” (45). My experience before the Red Sea was indistinguishable from this particular line in Nescio’s Young Titan. Repetition of nature for me, however, does not yield melancholy feelings or thoughts. I felt introspective. Despite the repetition I experience each evening watching the ocean, the divine encounter between the sun and shimmering, briny sea has yet to grow monotonous for me. I sat face to face with the Red Sea, sketching the tide before me was both cathartic and pacifying. I considered the importance of natures repetition, the ease by which God creates this picturesque landscape each night, over and over again with hardly any deviation or error. I considered the importance of symmetry in both nature and art. After reading Nescio, I momentarily yearned for midnight walk around a bustling, urban environment, I reminisced on my time in Washington, and lamented the abrupt ending. Yet, I felt thankful to be at one with the earth as I sat before the ocean basking in the evening sun. 

While Nescio watched “a tug boat on the horizon,” I myself watched a small wooden row boat drift by before I wandered home. 


3 thoughts on “Young Titans Reflection: The Sun

  1. Your sun is the very icon of THE SUN. What else could it be? So clear, direct. It is always the same sun, whether here or there. But what about the horizon? Does that make the sun differ in each place? Your photo crops off the drawing, making me want to see the whole thing–does the rest of the context change what the sun is?


  2. I really enjoyed your post and how you found similarities between your horizon and that of Nescio’s . One part of what i found particularly interesting was when you distinguished the difference between introspection and melancholy. These actions and feelings were very pronounced in Nescio’s writing. For me, I feel that often introspection leads to melancholic emotions, however, instead, you pointed out your appreciation for the routine and beauty of the horizon.


  3. I really like how you highlighted the theme of repetition in the reading as how it’s nature causes a mood of introspection both for you and Nescio. I think his dissatisfaction with his reality is what made his reflection melancholic because he wants to change his life so badly. I find it interesting that you found it somewhat comforting and I think as we are living in a currently increasingly unstable and precarious reality, the repetition of nature can be reassuring.


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