A Reflection on Betsky — DM

Betsky wrote a very interesting piece on the planning of his city, and city planning for myself has become increasingly interesting.

It’s interesting how Betsky was able to encapsulate the history of city planning and architecture through his commute to work, but I don’t think it’s any coincidence. We’ve seen developments for housing (suburbs) pop up on edges of townships as people aim to sprawl and create space, and the heart of action is in downtown areas where offices tend to be — people don’t always want to be in the action. However, downtown areas and the hearts of cities seem to expand staying close to center as possible, but they do grow. So, it didn’t surprise me that Betsky was able to see almost a timeline of architectural change overtime, because it seems like overtime the city has expanded and with that brought new architectural styles.

Pictured here, is a place I like to watch sunsets, and this takes place in the outskirts of my town. It’s an agriculture/rural area of town, and here there seems to be some sort of water tower for crops. Like I said, I come here often to watch the sunsets and it’s a great place to park and enjoy the summer weather. What I’ve come to think about here often is how much my city has changed. We have our own downtown area, suburbs on the outskirts of town, and then this land seems to sit just beyond that. It makes me wonder what is to come for this area I love coming to, because it is for the reason that it’s rural and untouched that I seem to enjoy it. One day, it could be developed into more housing when it becomes necessary. None the less, there’s something to be said about the importance and significance of untouched land, because while there’s no architecture or much city planning to examine, this land is still home and work to many.


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