Betsky Reflection- Jen Vighetti (3)

Planned meticulously up to the ideal height of grass, my community was built upon the desire to control nature and transform the land into a picturesque town. However, as the Dutch discovered, “the sky and water remain indomitable” (16). During my walk, I ventured down a steep hill into a grassy area that was previously a community swimming pool. Reclaimed by nature due to constant flooding from run-off rainwater, the concrete peeking out between layers of grass is a reminder of the past. In some ways, this un-manicured land is an eyesore to the surrounding community. While the Dutch had to “accept the currents and winds”, Pittsburghers must accept the hills and valleys that dominate the landscape (16). Yet, allowing nature to reclaim unsuitable land is a challenging task when space is limited.

Betsky remarked that “the biggest luxury in The Netherlands is space”, and this statement holds true in my own community thousands of miles away (24). Valuing ingenuity and efficiency, Betsky would have been disappointed to see this land go to waste. He appreciates land for what it could be in the future, while Nescio appreciates land for what it is in the moment. Betsky finds fulfillment by creating architecture and leaving his mark on the world. Nature is an obstacle to this fulfillment; thus, he regards nature as an adversary. Nescio, on the other hand, champions nature, as it is where he finds true peace. Nescio believes that nature is a reflection of God; thus, it is made perfectly and no human could improve it. Their views are a product of their upbringing and surrounding landscape. It makes me wonder how much my own local landscape has affected my relationship with nature and the man-made world.

Personally, I feel energized around architecture; however, I recognize the need for a balance between the man-made world and nature. The mixture of both enhances beautiful qualities in each and offers individuals a sense of balance.


One thought on “Betsky Reflection- Jen Vighetti (3)

  1. Reclaimed landscapes–reclaimed by nature! That is a cool thought–reversing everything we see in Amsterdam. Your photo is also reminiscent of those by Hans van Der Meer (google “Hollandse Velden”), which you’ll read about in the Winner reading later on.


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