Betsky Reflection MC

The island I live in aims to have every building blend in with the natural landscape. The architecture on the island has strict design regulations, such as the paints allowed or the type of exterior material. Unlike Betsky’s view of architecture and buildings shaping the environment around him, for Kiawah, every structure is formed by the natural environment. As Mr. Troutman said, God made the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands rings every true when seeing the stark difference between this picture taken from my back porch. From across the marsh, you can barely tell there are houses, and they all have similar architecture. All of this is just as meticulously planned as the Netherlands yet evokes a much different story. 

The way I view my home is closer to the idea that Nescio saw all of his city as one natural environment. For Betsky, there is a separation between the two, but each complements the other. There is a stark difference between the manmade nature of the Netherlands to the homes that seem to have always been a part of nature on Kiawah. The whole island is designed to have houses hidden behind trees, with the natural fauna almost engulfing properties to keep the spirit of the natural island alive.  

The architecture and design of the Netherlands always struck me as sterile in how meticulously planned it was. My sister remembers feeling like she was in Disneyworld while in Amsterdam because of how organized it was. I have always been drawn to architecture that blends into its natural environment. Still, through reading Nescio and Betsky, I appreciate the design and passion that goes into every aspect of the environment around them.


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