Betsky Reflection- ZC

This street lamp is one of many that line the streets of Juno Beach, Florida. Exact duplicates stand tall along the many streets of the small, quiet town. Betsky would have appreciated the constant reminders of humanity’s touch on nature throughout the town. Other than that, however, he would have been appalled by the overwhelming lack of human development along the miles of virgin beaches. A waste of possible development, perhaps. Everything is quiet, sprawled out, and centered around the beach. All is calm. All is natural.

Nescio would have appreciated such a nature-centered community. The peacefulness is apparent— if not insistent— to the point where it cannot be ignored. Just as Nescio sat on the beaches of Zandvoort with his friends, so too would he find peace in the sands of the small town that I call home.

The differing perspectives say a lot about these two contrasting characters. Unfortunately for Betsky, however, only Nescio fits in here.


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