Betsky Reflection-(ZL Group2)

I went for a brief walk around my apartment block today. There is a mini park surrounded by the buildings and streets. The area of greens is so tiny compared to the area of building blocks that I doubted whether it should be called a park. I rarely walk to this area, but I am very familiar with it. I look at it every day through my apartment windows when I sit at my desk. People occasionally walk their dogs at the greens or goes there for exercises. Seemingly, the purpose of this little area is to provide an aesthetic sense to the neighborhood while function as a place for small pleasurable activities. As Betsky mentioned in his book, “False Flat”, the tiny park I walked through increases the sense of nature in the city although it is not the real nature. The greens offered people like me something to look at apart from the modern landscape of the city. It is like a little decoration embellished between the roads from the street to people’s apartment. The sector occupied by the green is just enough to for nature to survive and leaves spacious area for manmade buildings to stand.

Additionally, Betsky provided a different angle of looking at landscapes. Betsky’s perspective allowed me to understand how architects, designers and people in general utilized and fought with their local landscapes to create their ideal cityscape. The landscapes and cityscapes are also shaped by the Dutch history as they evolved with time. On the other hand, Nescio resonated with the landscape and derived his various thoughts from natures. The space in Nescio’s Dutch life represent both home and a place to break through while Betsky focused on how spaces are designed to suit Dutch life and ideals.


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