Betsky:False Flat (N.O.)

What jumped out to me was this strange oval shaped parking building (right side of sketch) that connected diagonally two other buildings. I thought that Betsky might have found it interesting in that it connected a concrete building and glass building in a way that allowed for an open group level parking lot in the back. The building was built in a way not to disturb the grid streets and create more room for cars and small business as well as encourage traffic between two buildings. It looked a little awkward to me to have a random round facade at an angle on a street of angular buildings which brings up the idea of creative architecture in limited space that Betsky was talking about. Betsky uses a lot of different language when describing city and nature when compared to Nescio. He makes it seem that the city is consuming nature, beating it back to grow and survive. Nescio doesn’t depict such a war-like relationship in “Young Titans”. He often describes the nature he finds in the city that can also be seen outside of it, such as grass and trees. The constant repetition of the waves and the rising and setting of the sun happen both in the city and the rural landscape outside it.


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