Reflection 7/2 AM

During my walk, I journeyed to a pond in my town. I gazed at the abundance of emerald trees in the pond’s surrounding area. With the added fountains and sprinklers, it’s evident that this area was man-made with its main purpose being for the aesthetic benefit of the community. In the picture you can see people and cars in the background, other individuals who came to enjoy this somewhat hidden, yet alluring beauty. Though this pond is beautiful, one can’t help but wonder what would’ve been with this land, had it not been transformed.

In his writing, Betsky focuses more on architecture whereas on the contrary, Nescio had a larger focus on nature itself. Nescio’s writing portrayed a greater sense of nostalgia than Betsky, though at some parts it was evident that Betsky was reminiscing on the city’s previous life, gazing at the “remnants of small canals” and the “remaining fragments of a network of waterways”. Both authors, however, reference God as they discuss nature and its role and how the “Dutch found themselves overwhelmed by much larger forces, divine or not”.

Though I appreciate the beauty of this pond and other man-made structures and pieces of architecture around my city, I do believe that there’s a greater beauty in letting things be and appreciating nature as it truly is.


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