Betsky Reflection: Fort Revere Water Tower: Zach L

I have lived in Hull, Ma (in the summers) for the past 16 years.  Fort Revere is a decaying military fort that defended Boston Habor from 1777 until 1947 (until after WWII).

This photo is of a decommissioned water and lookout tower that used to serve Fort Revere.  Betsky describes that Rotterdam was a small town until after the Industrial Revolution.  Similarly, Hull was a small seafaring town until after WWII.  Betsky’s description of “fragments of great ever-changing architecture” reminds me of this tower. It is a decaying relic of Hull’s past, wind and weather have taken its toll.  As Betsky states, “winds always blow her forces of nature.” Betsky tells us that Rotterdam constantly works to preserve their architecture and land, especially against the toils of mother nature.  By contrast, Hull has neglected Fort Revere.  When I was little, you could go inside the tower and overlook Boston Harbor; this tower is now closed to the public and the surrounding fort is also crumbling.Fort Revere


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