Betsky reflection

Washington DC as a whole serves as Betsky put it, constructional growth in a limited area. This specific street showed multiple town houses arranged in a row deeply intertwined with nature, another aspect Bitsky would have appreciated. In other ways it may look like a picture drawn in harmony, as the vines enter twine with the windows, the steel of which acts as a pillar of support as it continuously grows over time. This would exemplify his fondness for his own type of “nature”, the real world. Cities built around nature, there aren’t too many, but the nations capital did an excellent job.


One thought on “Betsky reflection

  1. yhajeer6,

    I think that you have made a great point about how cities are built around nature. Since the landscape predates the construction of cities, the city planners had to work around pre-existing landmarks. Another great example of this in DC is the National Mall which has added several monuments and landmarks over the years that usually enhance other previous monuments rather than take away from them.


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