Water, life.

Washington D.C, the nation’s capital, is adorned with multiple bodies or water, some of which are man made and some were not. A strategical chosen district, cut up of multiple states, has now been fortified to be one of the most strategically built man made cities. For we not know what may lie under those waters that have forever cleaned the dirty hands of rouge politics over the years, but we do value the amenities and advantages it has provided. As betskey values the inner channels of her city, Washington DC natural bodies of water have forever been associated with the value and precedents they have provided. This is also true to the man made structures that not only serve to make the lives of those who inhabit it easier, but in the instance of the reflection pool as an example, it inspires patriotism and If I come down to jersey don’t mention



One thought on “Water, life.

  1. Thanks for your response. Your incorporation of the theme of patriotism in relation to the urban planning was interesting. Referencing the natural bodies of water and contrasting them with the hydraulic systems in the strategically constructed city gave the readers a nice overview of Washington


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