Joppe reflection and questions


Screen Shot 2020-07-08 at 5.46.04 PM.png

I found Joppe’s explanation of “the onion” -like layers to be very interesting.  I found an informative website that helped me comprehend this even further:

Here, you can see how the city has evolved over time.  Additionally, you can see how buildings are being renovated or constructed in the modern era. Joppe gives us a great overview of Amsterdam’s land reclamation.  To follow up on this, I was wondering if Joppe could tell us if the reasoning for where these more modern buildings are located?  Are there any zoning restrictions that limit them to certain areas?  Also, are certain areas better suited from a foundation perspective to handle newer construction?

Additionally, this growth showed confidence in the canals and the engineering infrastructure.  In Delta Urbanism, we learned that Holland takes this infrastructure planning extremely seriously- to the point of having a national competition to produce the best design.



2 thoughts on “Joppe reflection and questions

  1. Ok, that map is an AMAZING and almost unbelievable resource. Thank you. Also: great question about new developments: feel free to ask him in followup (I’m sending you all his email via Bb email).


  2. Watching Joppe’s next set of videos, I learned quite a bit about historical landmarks in Amsterdam. It is clear the buildings that were created to sustain the growing industries, cultural buildings, and parks, were all well-planned out. These stunning buildings are a great representation of the culture we are currently learning about. Everything seems to be made with intention. Obviously, an exception to this would be the cherry buildings. However, the following Housing Act again supports the cultural and legislative push towards intention and innovative building.

    My question for Joppe: Did any controversial projects follow the cherry buildings? If so, how were they addressed by the government?


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