Joppe Reflection- ZC

A fascinating facet of Amsterdam’s development is the naming of the city. I found it very interesting how the name “Amsterdam” derived directly from the literal description of the city’s settlement. Joppe Schaaper’s videos touched on this well, and the Delta Urbanism readings are very well connected to the name of the city. The video segment regarding the name and the readings about the nature of the city complimented each other well due to the effect that nature has on language. The names of cites often reflect the land on which they were built. For example, the Chinese Province of Sichuan represents the four major rivers that run through that area. The name “Sichuan” literally translates to “Si,” which means “four,” and “Chuan,” which means “river.” The name Amsterdam is very similar, as visible in the breakdown of the name in the photo above. Another example of this is the city of Moscow, which was named after the Moskva River.

A question I have for Joppe is: how many cities, villages, and towns in Holland are named by physical landmarks, similar to the dam in the river Amstel?


One thought on “Joppe Reflection- ZC

  1. One of the topics covered in Videos 3 and 4 that complimented my reflection was the expansion of Amsterdam’s size. This compliments my reflection due to the fact that the name itself, “the settlement by the dam of the Amstel River,” had expanded to mean four times more than before the early 1900s. This does not imply that the name of the city is changing, but rather what the name represents became greater as the economic possibilities increased on the Delta.

    Another question I have for Joppe is: To what degree did urbanization impact the names and cultures of traditional Dutch cities and towns?


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