Freedom of trade?

From Joppe Schaaper’s presentation I was given insight into such a developmental time in Amsterdam’s history. As some saw it as war others sought out capital. This commerce for some acted as the golden era of development and “stability”. The more the stable the region the more people fled to it, was it a matter of asserting dominance or a justification of greed as the war worked hand to developing the city. As the city grew in terms of its economy, there is no doubt that it also shifted in terms of architectural soundness.

More than anything though, as the city progressed the adoption of Calvinism it shifted it in ways people at the time may have not expected. Nonetheless do not let the title of the golden area mislead you, for yes as a city it may have developed, but at what cost we ask ourselves? My question is, was it all worth 8 years of agony for those the war took a toll on? For the families, the fathers the mothers and the children.


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