Joppe Schapper response (N.O.)

These two screenshots helped me show how central canals were to Dutch city planning. The first shows the growth of the city inland and how it’s new borders were first created by the people digging a canal and then adding the defensive walls. The second picture shows the ever changing land borders around the city as more land is dredged, but there’s still that entry point that lengthens into a canal. As the port gets farther away from the city. This entry point I to the city had been established and the growth of the city has to accommodate for its existence. My question for Joppe would be whether the foreign nations that ruled the Netherlands adopted the type of city planning done in Amsterdam. Are there cities in Spain or the UK that are as canal and polder heavy?


One thought on “Joppe Schapper response (N.O.)

  1. I can see that over time as Amsterdam expands it loses the onion layout when it begins to create larger rectangular sections inland. I’m curious as to whether the less water permeable heavier building materials of the modern era has affected the sea level In Amsterdam as well as the dense population. As climate change has been melting glaciers in Scandinavia has it also affected the flooding of Amsterdam?


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