Young Titans reflection from 5/30

Reflecting on the Young Titans piece, I find myself considering the experience of living at school without many of my friends. I think about being in a youthful stage of my life, and then shifting focus to the fact that my youthfulness with leave me sooner then I want. The emotions, friends, concerns, and priorities will shift dramatically as college ends and I venture into the world. As I walk down the national mall, scarcely populated due to the coronavirus, I feel peaceful and content by enjoying what is surrounding me. The murky water of the tidal basin slowly ripping in the wind as fish come to the surface looking for food to eat. Most importantly, I begin to accept that change is an inevitability in life, and to enjoy the moments in life instead of focusing on the future. We live in a day and age where everything happens so quickly, and people are always looking to the next thing. My main take away from Nescio’s passage is to not be worried about the hustle and bustle of life which sweeps up the attention of so many. Nature is an escape in Nescio’s eyes. It’s a feeling which the young titans experience, but others do not because they are so caught up in themselves and their lives. An example of this would be the bosses which the titans despise. On my walk, I spent much of my time thinking about the hustle and bustle of life as aforementioned, but once I sat down and considered the piece while I was sketching, I found what I believe is one of the underlying meanings hidden within the text. As I said before, that would be accepting life for what it is, the good and bad that will come and go, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, such as nature. 


One thought on “Young Titans reflection from 5/30

  1. I like how the Washington Monument (or its shadow) falls impossibly on the walls of the Capitol–the abstractness of mashing them up like that is something like a walk on the Mall, as the view from one space bleeds into the other, or as you see one from the vantage of the other. I’m glad the sitting and sketching part unlocked some of Nescio’s writing for you.


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