6/13 reflection

The infamous Ajax, ever since they humiliated real Madrid in the last year’s champion’s league they have been at the back of my mind, haunting me. A football fan myself, I was amazed learning more about the history of one the greatest football clubs in history. This picture caught my eye, as it took a minute for my eye to focus and realize that those were the players laying down. As I read more I came to understand that this is a story about a football club, but its board, casting aside players who have forever been part of the club through thick and thin, from day one. I always saw what all football fans see naturally, England vs east Germany, though war or anything, football continued. Apparently not as many of the jewish players were removed from the team during the second world war. It does amaze me however how countries have developed the diplomacy to continue sport through everything .


One thought on “6/13 reflection

  1. As someone who does not follow football, but am appreciative of the sport, your point of view was very interesting. I did not know that there was this East Germany vs England dichotomy. This lends further intrigue for my own post. I looked at the photo of the English team saluting Hitler before the game. Likewise, I also found it very interesting that football continued throughout the war. While we are not in a war right now, COVID life has cancelled most sports for the foreseeable future. It is crazy and dystopian to not have sports right now, but also at the same time I feel that maybe it would feel strange to see sports happening during such a horrific war.


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