Kuper, Stumbling Stone Reflection (ZL)

During the Second World War, the Dutch government made a map that showed the distribution of the Jews in Amsterdam for the Germans. This map is demonstrated in Feddes’ book, “Millennium of Amsterdam”. The consequence of the map is tragic, as can be seen from the stumbling stone memorials—memorials created to memorialize Jews murdered in the Holocaust. The distribution of the stumbling stone memorials corresponds with the distribution of Jews demonstrated as black dots on the map. The areas on the map with a higher concentration of the black dots also have a higher number of stumbling stone memorials.

The stumbling stone memorials may make a successful memorialization of Jews murdered in the Holocaust as you can see them all over the city of Amsterdam. However, Kuper had addressed in his book that only people who know the history and the meaning of the memorials will acknowledge the memorials. Other people will just pass by the stumbling stones without further acknowledgment because they are not informed of the significance of the stones. If the stumbling stone memorials are not known to people, they are less likely to serve their purpose. Moreover, anti-Semitism among the Dutch society, especially those who are the Feyenoord fan, become a big issue. Despite open criticism towards Feyenoord fans, they continued with their anti-Semitism actions. It becomes questionable whether seeing the memorials will help to reduce the actions and successfully communicate their messages across.


One thought on “Kuper, Stumbling Stone Reflection (ZL)

  1. That was very well written and very fascinating, for with this map we remember those who lost their lives, helpless and innocent. An item like a map will forever remind us of the sins we have made on this earth. I truly do hope they serve as a reminder, ensuring it never happens again.


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