Stumbling Stones AM

I think these stumbling stones do a good job of successfully memorializing the Holocaust victims all over Amsterdam in the sense that they pay tribute to the Jews that lost their lives. The Netherlands had the greatest number of Jewish victims in Western Europe, as ¾ of Dutch Jews were murdered in the Holocaust, so it is significant that there are so many stumbling stones scattered throughout Amsterdam in memoriam. We can see in the Feddes map that the areas with a larger population of Jewish people, also tragically have the largest number of stumbling stone memorials.

However, one way that it may seem that these stumbling stone memorials unsuccessfully pay tribute to the Jews who were murdered in the Holocaust is the fact that the ordinary person may not know what the monuments represent. In the book, a member of the Hangar 24 Committee states that “the average passer-by will have no idea what the wall and the monument represent” (312). Personally I believe that these monuments should’ve been positioned and structured in a way so that everyone who passed by it was cognizant of the memorials and their true meaning. Everyone walking past the memorials should feel uncomfortable and in turn should be aware of the atrocities that occurred to the Jews during World War 2. Ensuring that every passerby was aware of the memorials and what they represent could possibly help to inform the public and reduce anti-semitism.


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