They live on

The location of these stones stands to represent where the Dutch government once hoped to help the German government plan a massacre on the jewish people marking where they would be in black dots on a map we still attempt to read years later after it clear forgone its date and services another purpose as a piece of history, as we look back at it we regret the past decisions some us have taken.

Later on Gunter Demnig, an artist, marked the spots with these tiles, in honer of those who suffered. Having walked near this place while being in Amsterdam I am bothered, and hope that others walking by hope to educate themselves, as these tiles are only valuble if we do not forget those so they are not “gone” forever. I say that as the artist believes that you are only gone when people forgot your name, something I hope to live by.

I now returned virtually, honoring those who hope to remember infinitely till the end of time.


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