Stumbling Stones — DM

The Stumbling Stones create a beautiful display and tribute towards the lives lost from the Jewish community of Amsterdam. Scattered throughout the city, it creates a reminder that Jewish lives were ingrained all thought the city. This seemed similar to what was depicted in Feddes map, where dots would represented the lives of thousands of members from the Jewish community that were lost to German’s forces. Memorial Jewish Resistance stuck with me when going through the city, as it payed tribute to the fight many members of the Jewish community put up through the holocaust. I think back to Ajax and how members stood in solidarity with the lives lost as a cost of German occupant, and this monument seems to commemorate to those who fought the same tragedies. Vast numbers of Jewish people from Amsterdam stood up for their communities which would go on to save the lives of thousands more, and a memorial such as this one draws rightful attention to the heroes presented in those dark times.


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