A pretty picture?

This Image of Westermann’s Book Spoke of a land free of racism, free of color, and from the image that is what we get, Place that could be Paradise. We later find out through Blakely that this image it’s not as pretty as it was painted to be.

Unfortunately, some of the Dutch people at the time may have seen it as that though, a pretty picture. The truth is that the Netherlands suffered just like any other place in the world from the grips of racism and color discrimination. Was it ignorance we ask? Well, after denying the systemic racism within its lands, years later the Netherlands still does suffer from the epidemic that is racism. As the city distances itself from what it thinks was never a problem, the many suffer.

Something so strong so tall, as we see in this image, seems to be perfect. This is why I gravitated towards this particular image, we’ve heard of the beauty behind the madness, is this an example of madness behind the beauty?


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