Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters-AL

Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters, Hendrick Avercamp e. 1608 oil on panel, h 77.3cm × w 131.9cm

The first thing I notice in this painting turns is the pure volume of people and animals who are trying to enjoy the harsh winter in the Netherlands, while some are trying to just purely survive. Artist Hendrick Avercamp also paints in a dead horse revealing the harsh conditions. I think this painting is very interesting because at first it seems like everything is happy and gives a winter wonderland aspect however once you look closer you can see that there are people and animals that are trying to survive.

Applying Brusati’s Framework to analyze the painting, the person looking at the painting is looking at it from a field view perspective. It is almost as if we are overlooking the landscape. Avercamp wants us to observe not just the good but also the bad of the winter. This painting also reveals more about the culture in the Netherlands as it reveals how it can be trying to show that everything is good on the outside however on the inside it everything is not so good as it seems.


One thought on “Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters-AL

  1. I love this image you chose! It is almost overwhelming at first the sheer amount of people in the scene. I agree with how this is a glimpse into the reality of Dutch life, good and bad.

    The perspective of this is like you said a field view perspective as though we are looking kind of over these people. I find it interesting how far this painting recedes into the background into this hazy dark sky which feels like it dominates the field of view even more than the actual people. It really embodies the importance of weather to the culture of the Netherlands. The perspective of this to me feels like no matter how bleak the landscape can look, there is still color and live very much at work with these people going on with their day.


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