Bias ? 29/7

The painting bellow is a prime example of racism in the Netherlands at the time? You’re following? Unfortunately these drawings taint the history that we are meaning to tell to its fullest. Without the documentation of time we have no way of progressing. These paintings usually, according to Blakely, depict black people in a weak position. To further elaborate, they depict black people as slaves and property. A Shameful history like a lot of countries share in solidarity, but it is one that is slightly unique in the sense that powerful black figures were present at the time. As burdensome as it may get, the most accurate timeline we keep, the higher the chance we prosper as a people.


One thought on “Bias ? 29/7

  1. It’s interesting that you see a racist point of you in this work, which is actually a three-dimensional diagram and not a painting. I’m wondering what specific characteristics you see in that way. Who do you think the audience was? How do you think the audience perceived it? This is actually created by one of the earliest block serenity’s artists in the colony. You can check out more detail on him in the Reichs Museum information linked to the image. Well he was black, and often represented his own point of view, he was also creating works for the white master class, which would have limited to some degree his forms of expression.


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