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A key principle that sets the infrastructure of the Netherlands apart from the United States in my opinion is the emphasis placed on pedestrians and bicyclists over cars in every situation. From the 1950’s when the amount of cyclists was at its highest, the video shows how cyclists had a natural right of way and respect from motorcars that was shocking to see as an American who feels as though bicycles have always been practically invisible or a nuisance to cars. The infrastructure of bike lanes that is being constantly reworked and updated for the times, consistently focuses on the ease and safety of the cyclists over the ease and convenience of the cars. However, with the emphasis being placed on the cyclists and pedestrians, traffic in turn becomes much more effective and smooth compared to the issues that were caused when there was more focus on traffic for cars and cycling was a secondary concern.

The blue lines show the current paths for cyclists trying to manuever the roundabout from one island to the other. It is extremely inconvenient to have to go through a crowded shopping center, usually having to dismount and then get back onto your bike and around to the other island. There currently is no safe way to head toward Betsy Kerrison Parkway leaving Kiawah because there is only one bike path on the side marked in blue through the parking lot. To accommodate that there is only one bike lane I suggest the Red being the extra bike lane all the way through the roundabout rather than ending way before, to create an easy way to both get to Seabrook and to Betsy Kerrison without having to build another path just extend and clearly mark the current one.


One thought on “Bicycle Post

  1. You point about the Dutch principle of prioritizing cyclist and pedestrian over cars is great. I am fascinated by how the Dutch cities become cities that rely on bicycles as part of their transportation system and how the cities are designed to suit the needs of cyclists. The adoption of bicycles as the main means of transportation is very environmental-friendly, which should be considered by many other countries. The example or map you picked provides a sharp contrast between the Dutch and American design of the junction. It is very clear by looking at the map that American design favors the cars over pedestrian and cyclist. The traffic junction above is unsafe for cyclist and cause them a lot of inconveniences. The roundabout used by the Dutch may be a suitable solution for the above roads because it will create a more bicycle friendly junction for the cyclist.


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