Bicycle Reflection

One of the key principles I found in the videos is the concern of the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. As bicycling prevailed in Dutch cities, the roads and intersection are altered and designed to be less dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists to cross. One example is the roundabout, which is designed by the Dutch to prioritize the safety of cyclists in busy traffic junctions. The roundabout has barriers that create a waiting area or isolated island for the cyclist. Signs and sharp teeth marks are also put on the road to make everything clear and notify the drivers that cyclists will be crossing. As a result, crossing a traffic junction full of cars will be smoother and less dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.

The Washington Circle Northwest is an important and busy traffic junction in Foggy Bottom DC that connects the GW campus, Georgetown, and a series of corporate buildings. However, it is mainly designed for cars instead of pedestrians and cyclists. To improve the safety for people who want to walk or bike, the yellow lines demonstrated in the picture should be changed into marked biking lanes like those in Dutch cities. The Circle itself should be designed as a roundabout with the yellow lines being biking lanes. The blues lines in the picture represent roads that has less traffic, narrower and more residential. Thus, they should take the form of a 30 km/h zone that allows both driving and biking, but with cars that drives at a low speed and behind the cyclists.


One thought on “Bicycle Reflection

  1. zhaoliuu,

    You have made some great points about Dutch bicycle infrastructure, especially when comparing it to DC. While DC is probably more bicycle-friendly than most US cities, I absolutely agree with you that it is dangerous and improvements can be made. I have been on that rotary many times, including on a bike. Your ideas about adding marked and designated bike lanes along with the infrastructure to limit speeds would be a welcome improvement. Another thing that could benefit the DC cyclists is protecting the lanes with physical barriers.



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