Bike Reflection – MG

When watching the two videos: 1950’s American newsreel and transitions from one type of infra to the other, I learned that bikers have for a long time had priority when a transition takes place. For example, during the 1950’s video there are hundreds of bike visible on the road, and the narrator announces, “what chance does a truck got, bikes have the right of way. “ The second video, “transitions,” gives a much more modern look at how cars and bikes interact on the road. Still roads are designed with priority to bikes, with the narrator of this video stating, “the design of the roundabout is clear, with cycleways, with priority, which is the preferred type fo roundabout.” Thus, through this two videos I learned much more about the strong focus the Dutch people place on giving priority to the over 3.2 million bike owners in the Netherlands. 

The intersection I choose to go to is one which all of us should be familiar with, Washington circle. Located right next to the Milken school and the George Washington university hospital, its an intersection many, if not all of us, have likely crossed. One of the main things with this roundabout is unlike the ones in the Netherlands, it isn’t designed with bike lines/bike priority. In the place of bike lanes is cross walks, bus lanes, and sidewalk. To redesign this with a sense of Dutch design preferences, I’m going to place bike lanes in the place of some of the lanes of the road, as well as where some of the cross walks are. Furthermore, I will merge some cross walks with bike lands in order to meet the needs of both bikers and walkers/runners. The area between the red line and the sidewalk is the area I’m selecting to change to bike lanes. 


One thought on “Bike Reflection – MG

  1. Being familiar with this roundabout already helped make this post a lot more interesting as I can really gauge how the impacts of Dutch street design would help make this roundabout safer for pedestrians and cyclists. Being a major city, DC is such a prominent location for pedestrians and cyclists and thus implementing Dutch design here would contribute to an increased sense of safety for them. You did a great job depicting the Dutch principles from the videos on your map- the design is very clear and simple. Placing the bike lines in place of some of lanes in the road is also a very beneficial idea, creating more room for cyclists so they don’t feel overcrowded by cars in the streets.


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