Bicycle Reflection 2

The way of how bicycles are integrated into the Dutch transportation systems is fascinating. The entire city, both urban and suburban areas, has created space for cyclists. From both series of the videos on Dutch biking system, we can see that the implementation of bike lanes is especially prominent in the urban area. There seem to be a lot of streets designed as bicycle-only and bike lanes are incorporated into every road. Other transportation systems are also altered and planned to suit the needs of cyclists. The design of the ferry system and the ferry itself is one of the features that strikes me the most in the video. I am amazed by the cyclist and pedestrian pouring out of the ferry when it stopped at the harbor. This is a very innovative design, in which people can bring their bikes with them when they want to travel to another location of the city by ferries. They do not need to park their bike as they used to do with cars in this situation. The Dutch truly knows how to utilize their channels and water feature as part of the larger transportation system and to accommodate cyclists. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be learned about the ferry and bicycle system. I wonder if the ferries can reach harbors that are located in another city and the reasons why people choose to use the ferries. Is it because there are places cyclists cannot bike to, so they have to use the ferries, or are cyclists and pedestrians using the ferries to save time? And how does this whole ferry-bicycle system works in general?


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