Bicycle Reflection 2

I really enjoyed these videos, especially the ones with a 360 view! I thought it was really neat to be able to experience the flow of traffic through a video. I was surprised how seamlessly bicycle traffic blended with pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic. In the “Shared space & Ferry transport on the IJ in Amsterdam” video, Pascal mentioned that no one has the right of way rather people negotiate with their eyes. I think this statement is a good representation of how Amsterdam values all traffic equally. In the United States, there is no question that motor vehicle traffic is given priority. 

In addition to how well traffic flows, I thought the bicycle parking garage was really interesting since I have never seen anything like that before. I think Amsterdam has had so much success with limiting motor traffic because their infrastructure supports cyclists. Washington, DC tried to get more people to use bikes and scooters by implementing rentals; however, many streets are not bike or scooter friendly. Also, bikes and scooters are littered around the city whereas in Amsterdam there are places for these modes of transportation. With the outbreak of Covid-19, I wonder how bike-sharing has been affected? Also, has the influx of tourism affected the flow of traffic? Because Amsterdam is known as a biking city, I imagine many tourists go biking when they visit. Has this caused any problems?


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