Bike 2

Based on what I saw in the Pascal’s videos, they confirmed what I saw in the Bike 1 homework. What struck me was how stressful and chaotic looking some of the urban bike paths looked. I thought the polder paths were very beautiful and peaceful to watch. I noticed that everyone is very respectful of each other and obeys the traffic laws. This is very unlike the culture in NYC. Just the other my day my friend (pedestrian) was yelled at by a biker beleived that my friend was in his way when he actually had 6 feet of room to bike. Perhaps a flaw in this was that there were no bike specific stop signs, however, typically the biker should yield for a pedestrian at a crossing. NYC bikers typically think they are entitled to the entire road and do not have to obey stop signs. Thus making the relationship between bikers, pedestrians, and cars rather unpleasant. It was also very interesting to see Pascal pedal through a junction and to have the biker perspective of that point of view. I was wondering if fights between bikers and pedestrians are common in the Netherlands.  


One thought on “Bike 2

  1. O man, NYC is its own special place! DC can be a little like that with some cyclists. I’ll be curious to see how Pascal answers your questions about ped/cyclist interaction.


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