Questions for Pascal

I was struck by the respect everyone has for each other that was even more clear in Pascal’s videos. Everyone seems to have an innate sense of their surroundings and constantly and seamlessly adapting to the bikes and people around them. Watching the crossing video made me feel extremely on edge that someone would miss just one person and they would collide. When there was a small collision everyone just carried on as well as them, as if this happens all the time. While I’m not fully convinced that not even having yielding signs at an intersection like that is a good idea, I was struck by how seamlessly it all worked, which boils down to the people and their willingness to be constantly aware and adapt to situations without a selfish-let me go first- attitude.


Do you think that they way “everyone takes care of each other” is a unique aspect of Dutch culture that permeates into the way cars and bikes interact, or can this work in places without that culture i.e. the United States?

Do tourists ever get into trouble not understanding the unspoken rules of the road? Would you say most accidents come from tourists or natives?

If there is an accident who is responsible? Car vs bike, bike on bike, etc.

Without helmets, what safety regulations are in place e.g. speed limits etc?


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