An on campus intersection- AUG 5th

This is a very busy part of campus that monitors heavy foot traffic and, in the modern day, electric scooters instead of bikes. Nonetheless, a round about could prove to be quite beneficial as it will lower the overall crossing for pedestrians as well as lower the speed limit in which cars will be able to cross these streets. overall the video does make a vital point about the safety/ lack off within our streets. This should also be heavily reviewed and considered because it is a part of a college campus, swarming with students on the average day. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, these streets have not looked the same in recent years, but hopefully we can see a slow recovery of that over the upcoming months.


One thought on “An on campus intersection- AUG 5th

  1. I am a HUGE fan of roundabouts and 100% agree with your idea. The bigger thing I’ve noticed about traffic and auctions is roundabouts do a great job at keeping traffic moving when there is a steady stream from two to three lanes, which seems to be case at this point you’ve chosen, so I think this is a great place to implement a roundabout. My town has slowly been adding more and I’ve seen great improvements for traffic, not to mention I think they’re super great at slowing down drivers and keeping everyone safe!


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