Bike Reflection 2 – MG

The combination of watching Pascal Van Den Noort’s and Mark Wagenbuur’s video gave me great perspective into the bicycle lifestyle which is embraced in the Netherlands. I found the video dubbed “polder meditation VLC” especially interesting because it featured a pathway through a field specially designed for bikers. The presence of bikeways such as these detail how important bikes are to the culture. Further exemplifying this aspect of society is the bikeways next to the camels featured in pascals videos. Not only are the paths littered with bike parking options, there is also a countless number of other bikers featured, as well as roadblocks on the bike paths which prevent most cars from being able to enter. The incorporation of bikes on ferries is also another example of how common they are and the demand for them as a means of transport. Some of the questions that were running through my head during this video mainly related to rider safety. The bikers oftentimes have the right of way, but in the case of an accident, what is the reaction that kind of incident draws. Is society sympathetic to bikers, or are bikers seen as a “menace” to the motor vehicles? Furthermore, is bike theft a common occurrence in the Netherlands, and how do the number of bike garages compare to parking garages. Given the importance of bikes, are there specialized dealers which sell a “car-dealership” kind of experience.?


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